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Wait, What? Weird ‘Paan Brownie’ From Ahmedabad Has Confused The Internet



Wait, What? Weird 'Paan Brownie' From Ahmedabad Has Confused The Internet

If there is a dessert that is popular at all ages, it must be brownies. The mixture of thick fudge and cake, brownie is really a feast for the senses. This is why we often find chocolate brownies and ice cream on the menus of many popular restaurants across the country. However, a fusion brownie prepared by Ahmedabad restaurant shocked the Internet. Twitter users encountered a strange “Paan Brownie”, which did leave a bad aftertaste in the mouths of many Internet users.

The video was shared on Twitter by user @Dhuandhaar and has received more than 151,000 views. In the clip, we see that a fusion dish called Paan Brownie is being prepared. The location of the video is the Carnival Food Park in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. First, place the hot plate on the silver foil. Add a small amount of chocolate sauce to the plate, top with chocolate brownie and pan flavor ice cream. Then, drizzle more chocolate sauce on top.

Paan Brownie is decorated with the whole Paan! Although the weird creation does seem attractive, Twitter users cannot understand the need for innovation in this dish at first. Several people think that the combination of Paan and chocolate is indeed a bad idea. Paan Brownie is not the only weird dish that has become popular recently. A street food stall in Ahmedabad recently caught our attention with a strange and bizarre Oreo Pakoda. Believe it or not, chocolate butter cookies are dipped in Besan batter and deep-fried!

News Source : NDTV Food

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