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AJAX Engineering Plays An Important Role In Building Modern India By Truly Being An Atmanirbhar Bharat Company.



AJAX Engineering Plays An Important Role In Building Modern India By Truly Being An Atmanirbhar Bharat Company.

With our locally manufactured products and engineering expertise, we play an important role in building a modern India while also catering to the global market. Our investment in expanding manufacturing capacity and continuously launching more advanced products will not only create a large number of jobs, but will also strengthen the government’s promotion of manufacturing in India.

Since the past three years, continuous R&D, innovation and localization have made AJAX a self-reliant Indian company. Our focus is to build a lean and strong IT support organization with competent professionals. The three pillars of our success are: high-quality design and engineering teams that provide customers with innovative solutions; we cover a wide range of customers through a nationwide network; and provide customers with the best customer support in the industry in the shortest possible time.

Over the years, AJAX has expanded its product portfolio from self-assembled concrete mixers to a complete line of concrete equipment-from batching plants to boom pumps to slipform pavers.

As the world’s largest SLCM manufacturer, AJAX has now reached a milestone, with more than 20,000 concrete equipment on the market. Currently, we have more than 35 distributors and more than 100 branches in India to provide sales and services to our customers. AJAX also provides services to the international market through more than 16 distributors.

In addition to pioneering SLCM, AJAX also introduced innovative products such as boom pumps and self-propelled boom pumps. Its latest product is a concrete slip-form paver. All these products stand out from competitors with their high quality and unique features.

Concrete boom pumps have revolutionized the construction of large commercial and residential buildings. Due to the lack of skilled labor and the need to quickly pour concrete in inaccessible areas, the use of cantilever pumps in construction projects has increased.

AJAX offers a truck-mounted boom pump of 30 meters, mounted on a 4×2 chassis. Its shorter turning radius makes it most suitable for RMC plants working in constricted city sites or in tight, hard to access locations.
Keeping up with the changing needs of customers, AJAX launched a 25m self-propelled boom pump (SPBP 25ZX). This is the industry’s first and patented product. It has 4-wheel drive, 3-way steering, 180° reversible operator post, shortest turning radius and better climbing ability, making it very reliable in extremely muddy and muddy terrain. Its high power-to-weight ratio helps provide top-notch fuel efficiency.

AJAX is also the only Indian company that designs and manufactures fully automatic concrete slipform pavers, so customers do not need to import them.
From Airports to National Highways, Metro Rail and Freight Corridors to Solar Parks and Irrigation projects, AJAX has been contributing to the development of infrastructure to drive the country’s economic growth. The company is associated with iconic infrastructure projects such as the world’s largest solar power plant Bhadla Solar Park; South Asia’s largest aviation hub-New Delhi IGI Airport; India’s largest subway network-Delhi Metro; the world’s longest railway platform -Hubballi Railway Hub; Asia’s longest two-way tunnel-Zojila Tunnel Project; and the world’s largest drip irrigation project-Ramthal Marola.

As India continues to build new and more modern infrastructure, AJAX is committed to developing innovative “Made in India” solutions and replacing imported substitutes to help build a stronger and self-reliant India. In fact, AJAX’s products are exported to many countries, making it a global brand.

Today, AJAX has the ability and expertise to become the market leader in the Indian concrete equipment business. In view of the increased demand for concrete equipment, the company has invested Rs. 100 cr established a new manufacturing plant and design center in Bangalore. This new project will be equipped with the most advanced facilities to design and manufacture newly launched products, such as concrete slipform pavers, cantilever pumps and self-propelled cantilever pumps. Further invest in Rs. 40 cr has been used to expand its Gowribidanur plant, which is producing batching plants and transport mixers.

In the next five years, AJAX will become a multinational company and rank among the top three international players in the field of concrete equipment. As a true “Atmanirbhar Bharat company”, AJAX firmly believes in the mission of the Indian government of “Made in India-Made for the World”.

News Source: NBM&CW

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