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Ankita on doing ‘bold’ scenes after marriage: ‘Don’t want to hurt Vicky Jain’



Ankita on doing ‘bold’ scenes after marriage: ‘Don’t want to hurt Vicky Jain’

Ankita Lokhande said that she had never done roles and scenes that required revealing her skin. After marriage, she felt that there were some things she couldn’t do. However, she also said in a new interview that if she made a “bold” proposal, her husband Vicky Jain “would look at it with an open mind”. Ankita married longtime boyfriend Vicky Jain last December.

Best known for her role in the popular TV show Pavitra Rishta, the opposite of Sushant Singh Rajput, Ankita will once again be seen as Archana (her Pavitra Rishta) as the second season of the web show Pavitra Rishta goes live on Friday. Role).

Asked if he had any reservations about playing bold scenes and roles after marriage, Ankita told the Times of India: “This is who I am, it has always been my choice. I don’t think I can do that. but of course, after marriage I feel that it’s not just me, I feel that even Vicky has some reservations, there are things that even he can’t do now. I always see it this way, if he does something for me, I need it too Take care of his emotions, and I respect that. I don’t think there will be any issues between us over a bold project.”

She added: “At the end of the day, I’ve always been a guy who never liked playing a role like that. And he’s okay with that. I want to make it clear that if something comes up with an offer or something bold, he seems to have an open mind. Face it. I’m saying from my side, I don’t want to do that or hurt him. Theek hai yaar nahi kiya toh nahi kiya ye ek scene (it’s ok if I didn’t finish this one). I understand that feeling. I totally Understood. He never stopped me, he felt like if this happens, you have to do it. But deep down, I’m not happy with a role like this.

In an interview with The Hindustan Times earlier this week, Ankita said she and her husband Vicky Jain have always been friends, which is why she hasn’t changed much since the marriage. “We were calm,” she said. “He was the one who supported me from start to finish. I was lucky to have him as a partner. In terms of work, I was a lighthearted person and he was the one who pushed me to work.”

She also said her role in Pavitra Rishta got better. Talking about the differences between the earlier versions of Archana and who will be seen in the new season of Pavitra Rishta, Ankita said her character will be seen as going to college and the office. “We tried to show her as the girl of today’s generation. She was not shown as a sacrifice and a weeping goddess, but (still) let go of Manav (a character opposite to Ankita’s Archana, originally written by Sushant, now by Shaheer Sheikh ). No, that’s not what she does. She’ll speak out about her feelings and definitely take a stand for herself.”

Complete News Source : Hindustan Times

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