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Kangana Ranaut in gold sequin dress nails thigh-high slit trend at Tejas bash



Kangana Ranaut in gold sequin dress nails thigh-high slit trend at Tejas bash

Actor Kangana Ranaut attended the wrap-up party for her upcoming film “Glory” in Mumbai last night. The actor shared a few carnival photos on her Instagram page and delighted fans with its impeccable sense of tailoring. She chose a gold sequin dress for the occasion and caught the dangerous trend of high thigh slits. Kangana posted a few photos on her Instagram account to give us a glimpse of her charming appearance of Tejas bash.

She captioned one of her posts, “There is a song in my mind…Mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam.” The star asked her fans to caption her photos in another post. “I always run out of words when forming these headlines…please make suggestions,” she wrote.

Kangana’s golden embellished dress comes from the shelves of women’s clothing brand Galvan London. It is the right choice for pre-wedding cocktail parties, Christmas celebrations and even your large New Year’s Eve party. Scroll forward to find more details about her look and view all the photos. Kangana’s Galvan London dress is decorated with gold reflective sequins and a pattern of vertical stripes.

The drooping V-neck, sexy thigh slits on the side and tight silhouette add a little extra drama to the sleeveless suit. Kangana gave up all accessories and paired it with sequins, making this dress the highlight of her post-Tejas party look. She opened her curly wild mane in a casual side sweep style. Finally, a pair of transparent open-toed sandals make her party look more perfect.

Kangana chose shiny nude pink lip color, smooth eyeliner, eyelashes decorated with mascara, shiny eye makeup, glowing skin, rosy cheeks and shiny cheek eyebrows to complete her makeup. At the same time, Tejas played by Kangana as Indian Air Force pilot Tejas Gill.

The film was written and directed by Sarvesh Mewara. The star has also been criticized recently for her controversial comments on Indian independence, which was published a few days after the actor was awarded the honor of Padmasambhava.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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