Roopa Ganguly Kept Crying For Half An Hour After The Shoot Of Draupadi Cheerharan In Mahabharata

Roopa Ganguly Kept Crying For Half An Hour After The Shoot Of Draupadi Cheerharan In Mahabharata

BR Chopra’s Mahabharata is one of TV’s most successful serials. It is being telecasted once again on Doordarshan. Due to the Ramayana and Mahabharata being telecast again on Doordarshan, Doordarshan’s TRP is currently on the seventh sky.

The episode of Draupadi’s Cheerharan is shown at this time in the Mahabharata. Those who have read or seen the Mahabharata know that if there had not been an incident of Draupadi’s incantation in the Mahabharata, it might not have been the Mahabharata. This was the most important incident of Mahabharata.

Roopa Ganguly played the role of Draupadi in Mahabharata. Along with all the actors of the show, Rupa Ganguly also molded herself in her character in such a way that people recognized her not by her real name but by the name of Draupadi. In the Mahabharata, when Chiraharan was to shoot the sequences, BR Chopra called Roopa Ganguly and said that the Draupadi’s cheerharan is the reason for the entire Mahabharata. This scene has to be very impressive.

BR Chopra said Rupa Ganguly that “Rupa, Think that your husband has lost you in gambling and some people come to you in a house full of hair-pulling and try to take off all the clothes. You have to make this scene true by your acting. This most influential scene of the Mahabharata was performed in a take.” Rupa Ganguly became so emotional after giving the scene that she began to cry bitterly on the set. The entire team, including BR Chopra, engaged in silencing Rupa Ganguly. Rupa was silent after half an hour, so the actors used to play the character with this vigor and truth.

BR Chopra’s Mahabharata is the most successful Mahabharata anyone has seen so far. The actors of the show understood his character and brought him alive on camera. The credit for the success of the show goes to the characters of the show along with the direction. People of this Mahabharata were known only because of their character. Many times when these people went out, the negative characters had to face the hatred of the people. In fact, apart from this team, no one could play these characters so strongly.

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