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The rupee is strengthening versus the US currency.



The rupee is strengthening versus the US currency.

In early trading on Monday, the rupee strengthened against the dollar. This is a good sign after the rupee fell 7 paise to an all-time low of 77.63 against the US dollar on Friday, weighed down by unabated foreign fund outflows and rising crude oil prices.

On Monday, the rupee opened at 77.66 against the US dollar on the interbank forex market, up 4 paise in early trade.

The rupee closed at 77.63 on Friday, down 7 paise from its Thursday close of 77.56.

After six weeks of upward movement, the dollar index fell for the first time last week, owing to position liquidation and a preference for other currencies to emerge at a lower level.


The BSE Sensex rose 133.14 points, or 0.25 percent, to 54,459.53, while the broader NSE Nifty rose 24.35 points, or 0.15 percent, to 16,290.50.

According to stock exchange data, foreign institutional investors were net sellers in the capital market on Friday, offloading shares worth Rs 1,265.41 crore.




10 best activities hacks for the better lifestyle for Business Managers.




10 best activities hacks for the better lifestyle for Business Managers.

Business managers, known for their dynamic and demanding roles, are now adopting innovative activity hacks to improve their lifestyle and well-being. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance and personal wellness, these leaders are implementing a range of activities to foster physical health, mental clarity, and overall satisfaction in their professional and personal lives.

Mindfulness at Work lifestyle

Business managers are incorporating mindfulness practices, such as meditation and deep breathing exercises, into their daily routines to reduce stress and increase focus in high-pressure situations.

Regular Exercise Breaks

Amid tight schedules, managers are embracing short exercise breaks, such as brisk walks or stretching exercises, to stay active throughout the day and boost their energy levels.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Prioritizing their well-being, managers are adopting healthier eating habits, including nutritious snacks and well-balanced meals, to sustain their energy during demanding workdays.

Time Management Workshops

Business managers are attending time management workshops to enhance their organizational skills, enabling them to efficiently juggle multiple responsibilities and achieve better work-life integration.

Skill Development Seminars

Recognizing the value of continual growth, managers are attending skill development seminars to stay updated on industry trends and enhance their leadership abilities.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Some forward-thinking companies are offering flexible work arrangements to business managers, providing the freedom to create a more harmonious work-life balance.

Social Engagement

Building a sense of camaraderie, managers are engaging in team-building activities and networking events to foster positive relationships within their professional circles.

Unplugging from Technology: In a digital era, managers are prioritizing personal time by unplugging from technology during non-working hours, allowing for genuine relaxation and recharging.

Pursuing Hobbies and Interests

Managers are rediscovering their passions outside of work, be it painting, gardening, or playing a musical instrument, to unwind and find fulfillment beyond their professional roles.

Encouraging Employee Wellness

Some managers are also promoting wellness initiatives within their teams, encouraging their employees to embrace similar activity hacks and lead healthier lives.

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