Google collects 20 times more data than Apple

Google collects 20 times more data than Apple

Google collects 20 times more data on its Android operating system than the data Apple collects on the iPhone. Researchers at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland compared the data that a Pixel phone shared with Google and that the iPhone shared with Apple. The comparison found that Google collects 20 times more handset data than Apple. Research also found that Pixel and iPhone models shared data on average significantly more often, despite being “minimally configured”. According to a report, Google disagrees with the method used by the researchers.

Douglas J. Leith and his team at Trinity College Dublin put together a Pixel phone made by Google and an iPhone made by Apple to try out mobile handset privacy and find out who had more data from their phones Collects. This research found that both Pixel and iPhone models shared data on average with their respective manufacturers every 4.5 minutes. The data collected included IMEI, hardware serial number, SIM serial number, and various other information including IMSI, handset phone number.

When a user puts a SIM in both these smartphones for the first time, the phones of both Google and Apple send data to the company. It was found that iOS shares the MAC address of nearby devices as well as their GPS location with Apple. There is no option available for iOS users to avoid this. If not logged in, even in that case both phones send IMEI, hardware serial number, SIM serial number and phone number to their manufacturers. According to the study, here Google goes one step ahead and also sends Android ID, Resettable Device Identifier or Ad ID and DroidGuard Key to the company. In comparison, Apple collects only UDID and Ad ID.

Even when not logged in, Apple collects the location of the users, as well as the local IP address. While Google did not do so. Google collected a Wi-Fi MAC address, while Apple did not. Both operating systems send telemetry data even when users have opted-out for them. Within 10 minutes of startup, Google collects around 1MB of data, while Apple collects 42KB of data. When the phone is left idle, Google collects 1MB of data every 12 hours, while Apple collects 52KB of data.

Arstechnica’s report, which first looked at the research, cited a Google spokesperson as stating that the company disagreed with the methodology of the research.

A company spokesperson says that the company has found flaws in the research work done to measure the amount of data and disagrees with the claims. The spokesperson further said that this research largely explains the way the smartphone works. He exemplified that modern cars also regularly share basic data to car manufacturers about vehicle components, their safety status, and service schedules, and mobile phones also work in a similar way.

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